Amine Gemayel

Former President of Lebanon.

Born into a Maronite-Christian family of politicians, Amine Gemayel also became a member of the Lebanese Al-Kataeb party and was elected into parliament after finishing his law degree in the 1970s. Following the assassination of his brother and president-elect Bachir, Amine Gemayel was elected president in 1982. After the end of this administration period, during which he survived several assassination attempts, Gemayel went into exile in 1988. He returned in 2000 and resumed his political activities; in 2005 he became chairman of the Al-Kataeb party. His son Pierre, who was also politically active, was assassinated in 2006. Amine Gemayel lectured at the universities of Harvard, Maryland and Paris. Read more

In his essays and books, Amine Gemayel deals with the political re-structuring of Lebanon, and the challenges of democracy and pluralism in the Middle East.

Contributions (Book, Lecture Series and Conference)
Boston, 25 March 2015
Religious Pluralism in the Middle East: A Challenge to the International Community

Zurich, 13 March 2014
Religious Pluralism in the Middle East: An Option or an Imperative?

Oxford, 7 June 2013
The Future of Religious Minorities in the Middle East