“Sectarianism in Syria’s Civil War: A Geopolitical Study Featuring 70 Original Maps”, The Washington Institute for Near East Policy, 2018

Author: Fabrice Balanche, University of Lyon 2 and Hoover Institution, Stanford University

In this book, Balanche examines the central role played by sectarianism in the current conflict in Syria, and foresees, through demographics, the shape of a likely outcome.

“As Syria’s seemingly interminable war drags on, nagging questions about its initial causes and current dynamics have yet to be fully answered, particularly in comparison to other regional crises. Why did Bashar al-Assad’s regime not fall quickly like Hosni Mubarak’s did in Egypt? Why has the Syrian army not fractured like Muammar Qadhafi’s in Libya? And why has the fighting persisted for so long?…”