Nabil Adib Abdalla

Advocate and Human Rights Lawyer, Republic of Sudan.

Contribution: Discrimination against Christians: Perpetrated or Condoned by the State of Sudan

Pascale Warda

Human Rights Activist; former Iraqi Minister of Migration and Displacement.

Contribution: The Situation of the Christian Communities in Iraq

Nazila Ghanea

Associate Professor, International Human Rights Law, University of Oxford.

Contribution: Minority Rights Protections under International Human Rights Law

Sydney Assor

Head of the Moroccan Jewish Community in Britain.

Contribution: The Jewish Communities in Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia

Rowan Williams

Former Archbishop of Canterbury.

Contribution: The Church and Human Rights

John Eibner

Human Rights Activist. CEO of CSI-Switzerland and CSI-USA.

Contribution: The Future of Religious Minorities in the Middle East

Kishan Manocha

Former Director, Office of Public Affairs, National Spiritual Assembly of the Bahá’i community of the United Kingdom.

Contribution: "Outside the Law?" The Bahá'i and Political Change in Iran

Mariz Tadros

Fellow, Institute of Development Studies, University of Sussex (UK).

Contribution: Egypt's Post-Arab Spring Transition: The Challenges of Social Pluralism

Amine Gemayel

Former President of Lebanon.

Contribution: Religious Pluralism in the Middle East: A Challenge to the International Community