Habib Malik

Associate Professor of History and Cultural Studies, Lebanese American University (LAU), Byblos.

Habib C. Malik is an Associate Professor of History and Cultural Studies at LAU Byblos. He has lectured and written widely in both English and Arabic on topics that include the history of ideas, Kierkegaard, existentialism, human rights, the plight of native Middle Eastern Christian communities, Lebanon, democracy in the Arab world, inter-religious dialogue, America and the Middle East, and Christian faith in a secular world. Read more

Habib Malik has published widely on the Middle East. His books include:

  • Between Damascus and Jerusalem: Lebanon and Middle East Peace, 2 editions (Washington Institute for Near East Policy, 1997 & 2000)
  • The Challenge of Human Rights: Charles Malik and the Universal Declaration, edited (Centre for Lebanese Studies at Oxford, 2001)
  • Islamism and the Future of the Christians of the Middle East (Hoover Institution Press, 2010)

Contribution (Book and Lecture Series)
Zurich, 12 June 2012
Syria, the “Arab Spring,” and the Future of Christians and other Religious Minorities